Delicious & Easy Catering Options

Options for any event, any size

All orders are taken on a first come, first served basis. Orders subject to availability. Tax Not Included. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
1. Choose Your Plate
(All Options Include Beans, Salsa & Tortillas)
Emoji1/4 Chicken $8.97 per person
Emoji1/2 Chicken $11.03 per person
Emoji1/4 Tri-tip $9.29 per person
Emoji1/2 Tri-tip $11.58 per person
EmojiChicken & Tri-tip
     1/4 Chicken + 1/4 Tri-tip $11.58 per person
2. Choose Additional Sides
EmojiRice $1.37 per person
EmojiPotato Salad $1.37 per person
EmojiMarinated Onions $1.37 per person
EmojiChiles Asados 46¢ each
EmojiChiles en Vinagre 46¢ each
EmojiBag of Chips $2.29 per person
EmojiHalf Tray Chips $8.24
EmojiFull Tray Chips $14.65
3. Choose Your Tortillas
EmojiCorn Tortillas
EmojiFlour Tortillas
EmojiHalf & Half
4. Choose Your Serving Style
EmojiBuffet (In trays made available for guests to serve themselves)
EmojiIndividual Plates (Each plate served in its own individual container)

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    Party Pack Special - $302.88

    • 6 Whole Chicken
    • 6 Whole Tri-Tip
    • Beans
    • Salsa
    • Rice
    • 18 Chiles Asados
    • 24 Orders of Tortillas

A La Carte

Chicken Trays- Sides Not Included

  • Half Size Tray- Includes: 3 Chickens $60.82
  • Full Size Tray- Includes: 8 Chickens $162.24

Tri-Tip Trays- Sides Not Included

  • Half Size Tray- Includes: 4 Tri-tips $85.31
  • Full Size Tray- Includes: 11 Tri-tips $234.60

Sides Trays

Sides Available: Beans, Salsa, Rice, Marinated Onions, Potato Salad
  • Half Size Tray- Serves 30 People: $41.19
  • Full Size Tray- Serves 80 People: $109.84

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